A sneak peek at Disney’s new ‘Wish’ starring Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine

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Monday, November 20, 2023 2:15AM

On The Red Carpet Presents: 'Wish'

LOS ANGELES — Disney’s new animated feature “Wish” is serving up family fun in theaters this Thanksgiving and On The Red Carpet has a special sneak preview.

Featuring new interviews with the film’s all-star cast including Oscar winner Ariana DeBose as “Asha” and Chris Pine as the villain, “King Magnifico,” the special “On The Red Carpet Presents: Wish” takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour inside the Disney Animation Studios where the film was brought to life.

“It’s thrilling,” Debose told On The Red Carpet about voicing the brave young heroine at the center of “Wish.” “It’s just really thrilling to be a part of it, you know. And being who I am and identifying in all the ways that I identify, I think that’s really cool for an actor like myself being given the opportunity to bring an original character to life. And this character reflects different parts of me. And I’m really glad about that.”

In this new episode of “On The Red Carpet,” the directors of “Wish,” Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, even teach On The Red Carpet’s George Pennacchio how to draw some of the movie’s most adorable characters, “Star” and “Valentino.”

Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn gave On The Red Carpet a step-by-step lesson on how to draw two ‘Wish’ characters, Star and Valentino.

With The Walt Disney Company celebrating its 100th anniversary, “Wish” honors Disney’s legacy of animated storytelling.

“There are many, many nods to our legacy in this film,” Buck told On The Red Carpet.

“We’re so excited,” added Veerasunthorn. “I feel like we’ve been sitting on this secret of ours that we cannot wait to share with the world.”

“Wish” opens Nov. 22 only in theaters.

Watch the full episode, “On The Red Carpet Presents: Wish” in the video above.

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