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Today we are going to present to you some interesting common general knowledge questions. it is useful for all.  This general question consists of subjects like – computer, history, sports, country, science, management and so on. By here, we also put picture based general knowledge question, so you can see the picture of the question-related image. we hope these will be useful for you all subscribers.

1. Which tiger is mentioned in the logo of RBI?

(A) Tiger of Sasan Gir(B) Tiger of Karnataka(B) Tiger of Karnataka(D) Royal Bengal Tiger

2. Which is the biggest plane of World ?

(A) Spice Jet(B) Airbus B380(C) Airbus A380(D) Jet Plane

3. Which country has ‘Nokia’ named city ?

(A) Finland(B) Poland(C) Ireland(D) Switzerland

4. What is the name of world’s most expensive country ?

(A) UAE(B) Cayman Islands(C) USA(D) Bermuda

5. In India, which state is known as a ‘Garden of Spices’ ?

(A) Assam(B) Karnataka(C) Punjab(D) Kerala

6. In India, which state is known as a ‘Technology Hub’ ?

(A) Kerala(B) Kolkata(C) Karnataka(D) Bombay

7. Which artist made the painting of ‘Monalisa’ ?

(A) Pablo Picasso(B) Leonardo – Da- Vinci(C) Abraham Lincoln(D) Napoleon

8. Which country gave a right to women for voting ?

(A) Finland(B) New Zealand(C) Canada(D) Australia

9. Who was the First Mughal Emperor ?

(A) Akbar(B) Babar(C) Tipu Sultan(D) Aurangzeb

10. Which country has not any Traffic Signal ?

(A) Nepal(B) Japan(C) Bhutan(D) China

11. Which king was known as a “Rocket Engineer” ?

(A) Maharana Pratap(B) Haidar Ali(C) Mir Kasim(D) Tipu Sultan

12. Which is the fastest grown tree ?

(A) Dates(B) Coconut(C) Bamboo(D) Neem

13. Give the full form of ‘ ITDC’.

(A) Indian Travelling Development Corporation(B) Indian Tour Department Corporation(C) Indian Technology Development Corporation(D) Indian Tourism Development Corporation

14. What wave is in the Radar ?

(A) X-Ray Wave(B) Radio Wave(C) Ultrasonic Wave(D) 3D Wave

15. What is the name of this Animal ?

(A) Giant Panda(B) Bear(C) Koala(D) Kangaroo

16. Which thing is not belong to Rajasthan ?

(A) Pichhwai(B) Madhubani(C) Ghoomar(D) Daal-Bati

17. What is ‘Ravanhattha’ ?

(A) A Weapon(B) A Chariot(C) A Musical Instrument(D) A Fort

18. RBS stands for ………

(A) Royal Bank of Scotland(B) Royal Bank of Singapore(C) Real Bank of Switzerland(D) Rock Band of Shri Lanka

19. What is LBSNAA ?

(A) A Hotel(B) A Skyscraper(C) A Mountain(D) A Training Institute for Public Policy

20. What was the occupation of Chetan Bhagat before Writer?

(A) A teacher(B) A sports person(C) A banker(D) A publisher

21. What is the national game of Canada ?

(A) Ice Hocky(B) Football(C) Base ball(D) Golf

22. Which country found an ‘Abacus’ ?

(A) India(B) Germany(C) USA(D) China

23. Which person is not from Management field ?

(A) Peter Drucker(B) Henry Fayol(C) George R Terry(D) Adam Smith

24. What is the Parent Brand of ‘Peter England’ ?

(A) Denim(B) Aditya Birla(C) Lacoste(D) Turtle

25. Which beverages belong to brand ‘Starbucks’ ?

(A) Coffee(B) Milkshake(C) Tea(D) Wine

26. Identify this Award.

(A) Oscar(B) Grammy(C) IIFA(D) Golden Peacock

27. Identify this city.

(A) Moscow(B) Brussels(C) Petra(D) Shanghai

28. Who was the Founder of Mobile Phone ?

(A) Martin Cooper(B) George Bush(C) Grahame Belle(D) Charles Babbage

29. Which bird is world’s fastest flying bird ?

(A) Hawk(B) Eagle(C) Vulture(D) Falcon

30. MDH stands for ….

(A) Maharaja Di Hotel(B) Mahashiyan Di Hatti(C) Maharaj Di Home(D) Mahajan De Hostel

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