Gujarati Samanarthi Shabd | Gujarati Virudharti Shabd | Mock Test

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Hi all,Here is the test of Gujarati Samanarthi  Shabd   which is a part of Gujarati Grammar that is very much useful for all  government exams such as GPSC,UPSC,etc.Also this test consists of Gujarati Virudharti Shabd and Rudhiprayog. This test consists of Gujarati synonyms and antonyms and  idioms  in which synonyms means Gujarati Samanarthi Shabd,antonyms means Gujarati Virudharti Shabd and idioms means Rudhiprayog. After passing this test you can test your confidence level.As per your confidence level preparation for finals can be done well.This test is for checking the confidence level of your preparation.You just have to prepare this topic and practice test will be provided here for practising so you can test your level here.

Gujarati Samanarthi Shabd

Gujarati Samanarthi Shabd


નીચે જણાવેલ રૂઢિપ્રયોગનો સાચો અર્થ શોધો. ​ઠાવકાઈથી કહેવું​


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