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August 25, 2023 by Gujrat Jobs

Ibotta App

Today, We will discuss about Ibotta Mobile App, do you know Ibotto is a money earning apps in India. We will know about how to make money earning through Ibotta application.
Firstly, We will know about Ibotto. Ibotta is a web and mobile application in Denver, Colorado, United States. It is founded in 2011 by Bryan Leach.

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Ibotto provides consumers to earn cash on their purchases by partnering with brands and retailers in buying groceries, and etc.

How I Can Make Money $5,500 Cash Back in Ibotta App.

What would you feel, when you earn an extra $ 5,500? I know, It’s WOW Money, and do you know I’ve made $, 5,500 since I started using Ibotto to earn flat cash back on my grocery purchases.

I have been a member since 2016, and have learned that cashback requires a strategy. So let me explain in this articles. So that you can also avail cashback while using Ibotto by my Strategy.

Ibotta Review: Make the Most Cash Back on Groceries

While using Ibotto Mobile Application, Some user are missing out on cashback by not planning. They ship for groceries and then open up Ibotto after they have returned home to see if there are offers that match the purchase they just made.

That’s not good strategy to earn money in right way from Ibotto. If this is your Ibotto strategy, you may only redeem one offer a week and have 20 to 30 Cents to show for it.

I’m writing this articles in Top 5  to share my own method & strategy to earn the most cash back with Ibotta. Please follow these steps and you can easily make an extra $250 to $500 a year. Let’s get started!

1. Make a Grocery List

My family weekly grocery shopping starts with making a list. I am not big on coupons (Ibotta user may use them in addition to Ibotta), but I do check my supermarket’s app for the weekly circular in daily basis.

I write down the items I need before I check Ibotta so that I don’t add things to my Ibotta App list just because there’s a rebate or coupon.

But, I remain flexible with my shopping list. Like, if Olive oil  is on my shopping list but Ibotta has an offer for mustard Oil, I’ll buy the mustard oil if it’s a better deal.

2. Open the Ibotta app and Search for Offers

Next , you have to go to Ibotta App and select your grocery store from the home screen. Search your store under “Recommended retailers” or scroll down a bit further to the category list and click on “Grocery.” That will take you to a list of in-store and online retailers, including options for grocery pickup and delivery.

When you select a participating store, you’ll find a long list of cash back offers. Start with these categories if you’re in a hurry:

  • New Offers
  • For You
  • What’s Hot
  • Best Value
  • Buy It Again
  • Any Item

When you see an offer that you like, click on the plus sign to add it to your account. Sometimes There will be an task in Ibotta, so don’t worry about it, Just complete a task like watching a short video or answering a poll question. Ibotta offers are updated on a daily basis, so check back frequently and click “New Offers” for the latest offer update.

3. Check for Bonus Opportunities in Ibotta App

Once I research the Ibotta items I want to buy, and I check for bonus opportunities. Find these by clicking on the “Bonuses” tab along the bottom of the ibotta App. There are typically several ways to boost your earnings.

Here are some examples of bonus offers that I’ve completed for your better understanding:

  • $1 for redeeming 2 offers
  • $2 for redeeming 5 offers
  • $5 for redeeming 10 offers

4. Open to Your Grocery List and Note Ibotta Items in Ibotta App

After I have added Ibotta offers to my account and checked for bonus opportunities, I go back to my original grocery list and simply mark Ibotta next to items that qualify for rebates.

The reason of this step is to stay organized so that you don’t forget to buy items that are eligible for cash back in Ibotta app

5. Use Barcode of Ibotta App Scanner at the Store

Once you find to the grocery store and start adding your selected items from Ibotta to your cart, Launch up the app and use the barcode scanner to make sure that they qualify.

If you pick up the wrong size or quantity, you won’t get the cash back. Don’t get burned!

6. Don’t Forget Your Receipt

When the cashier asks if you want a receipt, always say yes! (It’s mandatory for every consumer as per the guidelines of consumer law.

After you come back at your  home and open the packet of  your groceries and unpack items, immediately you must be uploaded your receipt to Ibotta before you forget about it. You may also have to scan some barcodes.

Ibotta cashback are typically added to your account within 24 hours, but sometimes it might take up to 48 hours. From my own experience, earnings are usually deposited quickly .

7. Withdraw Cash When You Reach $20

Ibotta gives users multiple gift card redemption options after they reach $20, but I always take the cash. I have my earnings transferred to a PayPal account So that I can move it in a very easy way, and I get a high-interest savings account where my money can earn interest from PayPal account. That’s why I suggest you to use PayPal account. (You can also transferred earning in other account as per your preferences) . I should mention that you can now link a bank account with Ibotta to receive your cash back, but I don’t do that. They don’t need my bank information, and PayPal works just fine.

8. Refer Your Family and Friends

If you are a new user to use Ibotta App to making money, then new Ibotta users can earn $5 when they upload their first receipt of the groceries. Basically, you can say it as welcome bonus was up to $20. And when you invite family, colleagues, and friends to ibotta app with your referral code, Ibotta will typically reward you with a few bucks.

9. Use Ibotta app for More Than Just Groceries

Around $5,500, I have earned from Ibotta App, Ibotta is first app to buy grocery purchases, but Application has expanded over the years to include cashback offers, and bonuses from others retailers.

You will see “Online Shopping” offers from 250+ retailers in Ibotta app. most of the deals will give you cashback in the event that you start your shopping with the Ibotta application. it works the same way as Rakuten, and the cash back from Ibotta’s mobile offers can take more time to process.

In the mean time, Ibotta has launched a Chrome program expansion for while you’re shopping from a Laptop Or Computer (Web Page). It offers cash back at many retailers, and also exclusive offers for grocery pickup and delivery.

At long last, there’s a discounted gift vouchers or cards include that used to be called Pay with Ibotta. When you connect an installment strategy with Ibotta, bring in cash back quickly at select retailers by simply paying through the application. Before you take advantage of this feature, ensure that Ibotta’s cash back rate is higher than whatever you’d get with a rewards credit card.

$5,500 that I made money has come from basic food item purchases by Ibotta, yet the application has extended over the course of the years to incorporate money back offers from different retailers.

From the home screen of the application, you’ll find “Online Shopping” offers from 200+ retailers. A considerable lot of these arrangements will give cash back on the off chance that you start your shopping with the Ibotta application. It works the same way as Rakuten and TopCashback. The cash back from Ibotta’s mobile offers can take more time to process.

Before you take advantage of this feature, ensure that Ibotta’s cash back percentage is higher than what you’d get with a rewards credit card.

10. Ibotta app and Fetch Rewards Referral Codes

I tell you the way I earn cash back from Ibotta and Fetch Rewards in the form of dollars at my PayPal account. You also can make money as I do. Ibotta and Fetch rewards have helped me earn cash back on my grocery purchases for couple of  years now.

According to an Ibotta commercial that I saw recently, the average user earns $550 to 850 cash back in a year. By shopping with the strategy I’ve written everything and using my other tips to save money on groceries, you guys can do even better!

Create an account and Earn $50 after adding your credit card.

  1. Use my $ 50 bonus link to sign up (no code needed)
  2. Download Ibotta app and redeem an offer.
  3. Collect your welcome bonus.

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