Illegal baby alligators seized in San Bernardino squatter case, brought to animal sanctuary staff KABC logo

Saturday, November 4, 2023 6:35AM

Baby alligators rescued in San Bernardino squatter case

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) — San Bernardino police made a surprising discovery last week while investigating a squatter case: alligators.

Officers found two juvenile alligators at the site on Santa Fe Street, measuring between two and two and a half feet long.

They called in Animal Services for help and the alligators were brought to the city animal shelter. The city then connected with a nonprofit wild-animal sanctuary in Phelan, where the two are now receiving proper care.

The city notes that alligators and other exotic animals are not allowed to be kept as pets. They can be physically dangerous and may carry disease.

The Forever Wild sanctuary says the skin of the alligators had some white paint on it and appeared to be dry when they were brought in, indicating they weren’t properly being cared for in a wet environment. They are now doing well.

“They don’t make good pets,” said Joel Alquist, co-owner and founder of the sanctuary. “Unfortunately they suffer the consequences for it. People are afraid to take these animals to a vet, because they’re illegal. So they don’t get health care.”

“An alligator that is six, eight inches long as a baby will eventually turn into a 10 or 12-foot animal that can be dangerous to the public and dangerous to themselves also.”

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