Manushi Chhillar: Exploring Her Love for Indian Fashion Elements


Manushi Chhillar, the charismatic Miss World 2017, is all set to make her Bollywood debut alongside Akshay Kumar in the upcoming movie Prithviraj. Amidst her busy schedule, she continues to engage her fans by sharing glimpses of her daily life. In a recent Instagram post, Manushi expressed her admiration for five cherished Indian fashion elements. Let’s delve into her preferences and insights.

The Five Indian Fashion Elements

In a video shared on Tuesday, Manushi elegantly showcased herself wearing a blush pink lehenga set. The focus of the video was on the ‘five Indian fashion elements’ she holds dear. She also invited her followers to share their favorites. Let’s explore the elements that Manushi passionately discussed in the video.

  1. Saree: A Timeless Classic Manushi started by expressing her love for the saree. With a radiant smile, she shared, “I would love to wear a saree every day of my life if I could.” She emphasized the elegance and beauty that sarees bring to any occasion.
  2. Mang Tika: A Feminine Accent The Mang Tika captured Manushi’s heart as a symbol of femininity and grace. She spoke fondly of how Mang Tika enhances the beauty of a woman.
  3. Bindi: Embracing Indianness Manushi highlighted the significance of the bindi, describing it as a quintessential Indian element that adds an aura of Indianness to a woman’s appearance.
  4. Jhumkis: Ornate Elegance Jhumkis, traditional Indian earrings, secured a special spot in Manushi’s heart. She appreciated their intricate beauty and their ability to enhance one’s overall look.
  5. Dupatta: Dramatic Drapery Lastly, Manushi praised the dupatta for its dramatic flair. Drawing from her exposure to Bollywood films, she described the dupatta as a sensational fashion element that she enjoys wearing.

A Glimpse into Manushi’s Wardrobe

The stunning lehenga worn by Manushi in the video is a creation from designer Manish Malhotra’s collection. She had previously worn this attire for the trailer launch of her debut film, Prithviraj. The actress had shared photos of her look on Instagram, showcasing her elegance and style.

Stepping into the World of Prithviraj

Manushi Chhillar is all set to portray the character of Sanyogita in the highly anticipated film, Prithviraj. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi and produced by Yash Raj Films, the movie is scheduled to release on June 3rd.

Embracing Acceptance and Tolerance

In a world of diverse personalities and backgrounds, Manushi’s insights encourage us to embrace acceptance and tolerance. While it’s natural to have preferences, practicing empathy and understanding can help us cultivate more harmonious relationships and interactions.

As Manushi embarks on her Bollywood journey, she not only captures the spotlight but also influences a message of embracing individuality and cultural richness through her appreciation for Indian fashion elements.

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