Old Question Paper | MCQ Questions With Answers

In every Exam Preparation, Previous Question Papers will play a major role to crack the examination. Because most of the questions will come from Previous Year Papers. So Every Student and Candidates will search for  Previous Papers before the Exam Old Question Paper. But searching will waste time and you will not find all the Exam Papers.

Old Question Paper | MCQ Questions With Answers

આત્મકથાત્મક રચના હુંડીમાં નરસિંહ મહેતાને શ્રીકૃષ્ણએ કોના છૂપાવેશમાં મદદ કરી હતી ?

A) નર્મદાશંકર

B) વિઠ્ઠલશંકર

C) દલપતરામ શેઠ

D) શામળા શેઠ

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