Street Legal Dragway in Perris offers racers safer and legal alternative to street racing

PERRIS, Calif. (KABC) — The sound of rubber meeting the road echoes through the Perris Fairgrounds as drag racers do a burnout before punching the gas.

At Street Legal Dragway, drivers are free to peel out as they speed towards the finish line.

“It is the first 330-foot dragstrip in America. It essentially is a 1/16th of a mile,” said owner Andy Marocco. As drag strips go, it’s short, but that’s what Marocco hopes will lure everyday drivers hoping to itch their need for speed.

“We are appealing to people who have regular cars on the street that essentially you drive whether it is on the freeway or the highway or in city streets,” said Marocco.

Instead of using those public roadways as a raceway, he wants to provide a legal solution to an age-old problem and one that is growing dangerously popular.

“You can turn on the news any day and see that there is some accident that someone has been killed innocently street racing, street takeovers. What we wanted to do was provide a solution,” he said.

All that is required is a “street legal” vehicle registered to the driver, a valid driver’s license, Department of Transportation (DOT) tires and muffler.

“You still get the rush from the launch when you take off … so you can compete against the guy beside you or yourself, and that is where all the fun is at,” said Bob Kimball.

The drag strip is touted as a family friendly event for anyone with a car to test their mettle or perhaps settle some scores.

“You get your friends and sometimes your enemies your foes and you race on the track to settle your beef or your differences,” said Marocco.

A rush and a thrill with none of the illegal downside. There is even a chance to win $500 for the first person to cut a perfect light.

“Easier to come out here do fun burnouts, make a few good passes and have fun with everybody that comes out,” said Brian Dougherty.

You don’t need a classic muscle car to enter the drag strip either, so everyone is welcome.

“Bring anything. If it is a grocery getter, you can race here,” said Marocco.

Street Legal Dragway operates every Friday at the Perris Fair Grounds. You can purchase tickets and learn more about it by clicking visiting their website .

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