Twin brothers work at Disneyland Resort while serving as reservists in U.S. Air Force

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Monday, November 20, 2023 5:02PM

Twin brothers work at Disneyland Resort while serving in USAF reserves

ANAHEIM (KABC) — Cody and matt Breidinger started working at Disneyland five years ago, but when the twin brothers entered the military in 2019, they were promised their jobs would be waiting for them when they returned and that’s exactly what happened. Disnleyand is a big supporter of the U.S. military and celebrates veterans everyday including on veterans day when eyewitness news caught up with the brothers. They’re still reservists in the air force, but their day jobs are serving guests who visit Disneyland and California Adventure.

“Walt and Roy both served some time during WWI in different capacities and the company has always been dedicated to honoring veterans. Especially today our cast member veterans. It’s a very special day, special things going on. They should be proud to one be veterans, two be cast members here at Disney,” said Cody Breidinger.

“Though there are many similarities between the way Disney operates and the way the military operates, it’s still a weird experience. totally different culture. I think that’s the interesting part and can be very challenging. Disney makes it very easy to kind of come back into the culture of working in the civilian world, especially at the happiest place on earth,” said Matt Breidinger.

Cody is an operations stage manager for Cars Land and Hollywood. Matt is a stage manager for retail. In the Air Force, the Breidinger’s are staff SGT’s where they serve as aircraft load masters on the C-17 aircraft.

“C-17 is a large cargo aircraft. It can be deployed all over the globe at a moments notice. It can carry crazy things, more than you could possibly imagine,” said Cody Breidinger.

“Heroes work here which is an incredible initiative for us to help veterans as they’re transitioning out of the military to find jobs in the public sector. And it is working incredibly well because we get incredible cast members from the military. Right now, we have over 150 cast members that have recently transitioned and more coming everyday,” said Ken Potrock, the President of Disneyland Resort.

The Breidinger’s say they’re living out their dreams at the same time.

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