What is Paytm App and How to Use Paytm | Easy Step by Step Guide

August 24, 2023 by Gujrat Jobs

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In today’s post complete information about How to use paytm app is given in this post. In the era of technology, the use of caseless facilities has increased a lot so there are various applications in the market through which you can make money and many online purchases such as google pay, phone pay app, and sbi anywhere as well as paytm mobile app or paytm UPI app. Today we will get information about this Paytm that offers the benefits of all the features.

Introduction About Mobile Paytm App

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If you own a smartphone and spend any time at all in India, there’s a good chance you have the Paytm app on your home screen. Most people living in India do: they use Paytm App for everything from buying groceries and paying recharge, and electricity bills.

6 Easiest Steps to Ceate Paytm account Via App & Web

1. Download Paytm App & Launch
2. Tap on the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.
3. Tap on ‘Create a New Account’
4. Enter your mobile number, email address and a password.
5. Tap on ‘Create a New Account’.
6. User will get an OTP on the mobile number.

1. Visit Paytm.com Official Website.
2. Click on ‘Log In/Sign Up’ on the top-right corner of the Paytm web page.
3. Click on ‘Sign Up’
4. Enter your mobile number, email address and a password.
5. Click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’
6. Enter the OTP, your First Name, Last Name and click on ‘Create your Paytm Wallet’.

How to do KYC on Paytm – Easiest Step, So follow it

1. To do your KYC on Paytm, you need to login into your Paytm and follow the steps ahead as explained below-

2. Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture on the top left corner of the home screen.

3. Scroll down to the ‘Your Accounts’ section that contains your profile features/facilities like, Paytm Bank, Paytm Postpaid, Paytm Game, etc., including all your account details

4. As you go to your ‘Account Details’ that have your name, email, and wallet status, you will find that your Paytm Wallet is ‘Inactive’. Click on ‘Activate Now’ and then, click on ‘Complete your minimum KYC to activate wallet’

5. Once you complete your minimum KYC, your Paytm Wallet becomes active but transaction limit will be less, and also benefits.

6. You can upgrade your account through full KYC and avail of more benefits. Becuase Paytm follows a simple KYC procedure to make it easy for the users.

Paytm KYC Documents to complete the KYC Process

  • Pan Card​
  • Passport​
  • Voter ID
  • Driving License
  • NREGA Job Card

Two types of KYC are there in Paytm App :-

Half KYC:- From half KYC, you can pay for merchandise and pay online on any app/website but you cannot send money to friends and wouldn’t be able to transfer money to a bank.

  • Limit is 10000
  • Validity 1 year

Full KYC:– It enables all the benefits and features of Paytm

How to Activate Paytm Wallet Without KYC in Paytm App?

Minimum KYC or Maximum KYC is required to activate and use the Paytm wallet.

A minimum KYC provides limited access to the Paytm wallet and requires the user to provide sufficient information to activate it. And full KYC allows a user to fully utilize the Paytm wallet. But without submitting at least the minimum KYC, one cannot activate the Paytm wallet in Paytm App.

There are some reasons Paytm Wallet Not Working?

If you are unable to use Paytm wallet for transactions, means your paytm wallet is incomplete KYC or the addition of a beneficiary. So the following precautions should be taken when using the Paytm wallet:

  1. KYC must be completed by both the sender and the receiver. If sender and receiver has not completed KYC, Paytm transaction will be cancelled.
  2. For sending money greater than 10,000 Rs, So you must add receiver as a beneficiary in your Paytm app, becuase it’s a RBI guidelines to every Paytm User.
  3. Sender receives a pop-up stating that the receiver has not completed KYC while attempting to send money, so you can share the link to upgrade KYC with the receiver via your Paytm. Becuase KYC is mandatory for both Paytm App User.
  4. Send the money to the receiver once he or she has upgraded his or her account by completing KYC.
  5. There is a big reason when we faces while using Paytm, unable to receive funds into account becuase monthly limit (10,000) has been reached.
There are 3 options or ways to complete your Paytm KYC​​
Option 1: Video KYC on Paytm​

Step 1. ​

1. Video KYC is the easiest and fastest way to do your KYC.​

Step 2.​

Enter your Aadhar Card details to start Video KYC. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent for confirmation. Note that you link your phone number with Aadhar for the verification

Step 3. ​

3. Once the Aadhar is verified, it asks for more details like names of the parents, permanent and correspondence addresses, profession, marital status, etc.

4. Next, the video verification will begin where the Paytm executive may ask some details about you like D.O.B., current residence, and the like​

Step 4.​

5. You should be ready with your PAN card for video verification where you need to face the camera holding your PAN card. The front of the PAN card must face the camera

6. Once the video verification is over and Paytm confirms your identity, Paytm will make your profile KYC-verified and update your status​

Basic Step to Guide How to use Paytm App for daily usage in your life.

How to add money to Paytm wallet?

How to check the passbook in Paytm?

  • Touch the add money option.
  • Touch the Paytm wallet.
  • Now enter the amount you need to add to your wallet or apply the promo code. (then proceed to add money )
  • There are various options to add money like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and BHIM UPI.
  • Select any available one.
  • Enter details of your available option.
  • After this, enter the OTP given by the bank to pay securely and submit.
  • Now it is done your amount is added.
  • Check your passbook for convenience.
  1. It is quite easy to come back to the dashboard and on the left side, there is an option for passbook touch.
  2. In this, there are some more options:-
  3. Add money to the Paytm wallet
  4. Send money to the bank
  5. Request statement
  6. below these options, there is information about your bank.

Why do we use the Paytm App?

  • There are various reasons and benefits to using this app talk about some of these below:-
  • To recharge the mobile of your and anyone else.
  • To take the insurance.
  • Claim gift voucher.
  • Recharge landline/broadband.
  • Purchase a movie/train ticket.
  • Purchase grocery.
  • Car and bike
  • Shopping and more.

How to scan and pay in Paytm App?

Touch the option on the left PAY, scan the barcode and check the person whom you want to send you must activate the Paytm wallet to earn cash then enter the amount.

If you want to send money through a phone number then the option of this right above the scan enter the number and send the money. But there are 2 Types of QR Code User Wallet QR Code ( to send money from wallet to wallet) and Merchant QR code with the multi option (Like, Paytm Wallet, UPI, and others Merchant App.

Customer Care 24×7 Help in Paytm App

Step. 1​

Open the Paytm & tap on Profile Icon on the top left

Step. 2

Scroll Down to 24X7 Help & Support section

Step. 3

Choose a service you need help with or tap ‘View All Services’

Step. 4

Tap on Chat with us & type your query in the chat box

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you keep Paytm account safe?

Beware of fraudulent SMS & calls about KYC suspension or expiration, account block and fake rewards. Paytm will never ask you to download any app to complete your KYC

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